Changing Lives in Texas

by Erik Cazares, Shell FCU

Recently, LSCI’s Lorrie Wohlfeil conducted Score Enhancement training on-site with the staff at our Pearland Branch in Texas. Shortly after the training, I had the privilege of observing  a success story that changed the lives of two members. 


Martha on our member service team met with two members on January 12, 2019. The members’ goal was to open an account and to refinance an auto loan. However after reviewing the members' credit and armed with knowledge from her training, Martha advised both members to consolidate their credit cards in order to increase their score and then refinance in 45-60 days. Both members listened to Martha’s advice, and also kept their cards at a zero balance. Doing this increased their credit score by 101 points from a 625 to a 726!  Not only were they able to refinance their auto for a lower rate, which was the original goal, but they were able to apply for a conventional mortgage loan as well!


Great job Martha! What an amazing opportunity to educate your members, save them money, and create a lifelong partnership. Thank you for putting your members first!  These member’s lives are forever changed and it is exactly why we do what we do.


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